Sellotape® was first manufactured in 1937 by Colin Kinninmonth and George Gray who applied rubber resin to film to create the iconic golden tape that soon became the Nation’s favourite 1. The word Sellotape® has even earned its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary and is so deeply engrained in the English language that it has become a generic word for the entire ‘sticky tapes’ category.

The success of the Sellotape® brand is due to the premium quality and value of its products. Independent testing of 11 stationery tapes showed that Sellotape® Original Golden and Sellotape® Super Clear tapes are up to 50% stickier, up to 20% stronger and up to 10% thicker than comparable competitor products 2.

Now over 75 years old, Sellotape®, enjoys a huge following – with customers still devoted to the Original Golden tape but also falling in love with the entire range of innovative Sellotape® products for gifting, crafting and office use.’

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2 Compared with main competitors of adhesive tapes, independently tested 2013