Feb 8, 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

2018 Schwarzkopf Looks

Cool, edgy, elegant: The 2018 Schwarzkopf Looks stand for Individual Beauty

What are the hair trends for 2018? Schwarzkopf and hair expert Armin Morbach answer this question with new Looks. The international hair cosmetics brand and Mr. Morbach have once again looked to current influences for inspiration – and the result is cool, authentic, and at the same time wearable hairstyles that everyone can shape into their own favorite style with the right products. Models like Toni Garrn or Eliza Cummings demonstrate the versatility of the four looks, named “The New Curls,” “70’s Brushed,” “Sleeping Glam,” and “Structured Rawness.“ Different structures give the trend styles an exciting, visionary touch.

Individual and international: the 2018 Looks give every woman and every man the freedom to make their own choice. This is because the hair cosmetics brand not only celebrates our hair, but the personality behind it. The hair expert and trendsetter Armin Morbach not only created the Schwarzkopf Looks this year, but also stood behind the camera himself. What he came up with are four modern styles with equal parts coolness, nonchalance, modernity, and subtle elegance.

The focus of the four Looks is on hair structure, which can be individually changed with Schwarzkopf colorations, nurturing shampoos, repairing conditioners, hair foam, gel or hairsprays. Schwarzkopf Looks give everyone the opportunity to create the best version of themselves, in every situation. Ideals of beauty and perfection are fading into the background as expressing your own personality is coming to the fore. Wild, natural-looking curls with “The New Curls” or loosely combed waves with “70's Brushed?” A touch of elegance à la “Sleeping Glam” or textured waves with “Structured Rawness?” The possibilities are endless!

In addition to fashion shows and the international music scene, Morbach also drew inspiration from social media platforms like Instagram. “They have heavily influenced our desire for self-expression and expressing personality through our appearance. A new self-confidence has developed, in which hair and beauty play an even more important role than ever before. The 2018 Schwarzkopf Looks reflect this new self-confidence,” says Morbach, who has been creating the Looks with Schwarzkopf since 2008. When doing so, the hair expert regularly translates current trends into wearable hairstyles full of glamour and elegance.

2018 Schwarzkopf Looks in overview

The New Curls (Models: George Culafic, Kris Gottschalk, Eli Cruz, Vincent Beier)
If you compared the 2018 Looks to music, “The New Curls” would be a cool hip-hop song: wild, natural, cascading curls or an exciting, styled Afro that recall music icons and cool singer-songwriters, as they are on the streets in Berlin or New York. Dramatic curls turn Vincent Beier into a sensual woman, playing with popular gender roles. “Make the most of your hair and style so that you can feel comfortable. Everything else is insignificant. This is what ‘The New Curls’ prove”, says Morbach.

70’s Brushed (Models: Ymre Stiekema, David Agbodji, George Culafic, Kris Gottschalk, Eliza Cummings, Hind Sahli)
Gently brushing your curls gives you the “70’s Brushed” look. A middle parting meets soft waves of downward drooping strands blown outward, inspired by fashion shows of labels like Gucci. “’70’s Brushed’ is for anyone who wants more styling. The look combines elegance with nostalgia, without losing its modernity,” says Armin Morbach. Model Kris Gottschalk’s polished look with light blond spiked hair has a touch of the 80s.

Sleeping Glam (Models: Taja Feistner, Gia Tang, Anine Van Velzen)
This reinterpreted red-carpet look breaks with the typical idea of perfection. It doesn’t aim for the classic Hollywood wave, but for a look whose authenticity makes it interesting. The sever side part with wild strands on the forehead as well as the cool hairstyle of the loosely falling bob with structured curl. “Imagine that you’re in the car on the way to a big event and you fall asleep in the back seat. When you wake up, your hair looks like ‘Sleeping Glam’ – a little undone, but very remarkable and at the same time, elegant,” says Mr. Morbach. Sleeping Glam shows the most adult hairstyles of Schwarzkopf Looks. Yet even these offer something playful, as details like the blue strands in model Gia Tang’s hair tips show.

Structured Rawness (Models: Toni Garrn, Anine Van Velzen, Nick Brown, Gwilym Pugh, Taja Feistner)
The structured waves of the beach or gelled-back strands – “Structured Rawness” is an everyday look that always works. Supermodel Toni Garrn shows off the classic version with middle part and short hair combed to the forehead, making ‘Structured Rawness’ even more interesting.”’Structured Rawness’ is a look you often see on Instagram. It is uncomplicated but never boring – that's what makes it so popular”, says Morbach. Gentle waves and structure work on the beach, at a party or in the office – so this look becomes a true all-rounder.