Oct 31, 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

Enhanced productivity, quality, sustainability and cost control

Henkel to spotlight its encompassing solutions for the forging value chain at EUROFORGE conFAIR

At EUROFORGE conFAIR 2018 in Berlin, Henkel (booth 28) will be showcasing its complete product and service offering for the entire forging value chain. With a full range of coatings, lubricants, rust preventatives and cleaners as well as machining and grinding fluids, the company is the market’s leading total system solutions provider for all needs of the forging industry, from steel bars to assembly.

Henkel’s EUROFORGE exhibit will highlight its unique portfolio of innovations, tailor-made solutions and strong brands with a special focus on forging operations and applications in automotive and aerospace. Products on display will include an extensive range of Bonderite forging products, such as lubricants for hot, warm and precision forging, conversion coatings and polymers for cold forming, high-performance cutting fluids as well as cleaners and environmentally friendly pretreatment solutions – all designed to enhance the productivity and sustainability of processes while optimizing quality and cost control.

Also in the spotlight will be Henkel’s Bonderite duaLCys process, which has established itself as a game changer for greater efficiency and safety in machining and cleaning, along with superior cost-efficiency and sustainability over conventional cooling lubrication and cleaning processes.

Henkel’s forging experts will be available during EUROFORGE conFAIR 2018 from November 13 to 15, 2018, in Berlin, Germany, to discuss the benefits of these and further solutions at the booth 28.

At EUROFORGE conFAIR 2018 in Berlin, Henkel will showcase its encompassing solutions for enhanced productivity, quality, sustainability and cost control across the entire forging value chain.

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