Dec 11, 2018  Irvine / USA

Thermal control, ease of use, dispense capability and reworkability in a single material

Peelable thermal interface material (TIM) from Henkel recognized with Industry Accolade

Notching its second notable industry prize, Henkel’s Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 1500RW liquid thermal interface material recently took top honors in the Global Technology Awards’ adhesives/coatings/encapsulants/TIMs category. The award contest, which is sponsored by Global SMT and packaging magazine, recognizes the best new innovations in the electronics assembly and packaging industries. Henkel Business Development Director, Dr. Mark Currie, accepted the prize during a special ceremony at last month’s Surface Mount Technology International conference.

The latest in a series of thermal material breakthroughs from Henkel, Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 1500RW is a one-part, cure-in-place liquid gap filler that provides multiple advantages for high-volume, high-value assemblies. As a liquid material, the new TIM is well-suited for filling the gaps within challenging and complex architectures and allows for high throughput with automated dispensing compatibility. After curing, Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 1500RW achieves excellent surface contact, enabling thermal transfer with thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/m-K.

Uniquely, the new Henkel cure-in-place liquid TIM can be cleanly peeled off of contact surfaces without force, allowing sensitive components to remain intact and protecting product value. Most conventional cure-in-place TIMs are difficult to remove and doing so often permanently damages the components. Bergquist Gap filler TGF 1500RW effectively allows high value products to be reworked to maximize cost-efficiency and help improve profitability.

Other benefits of Henkel’s latest liquid TIM include reduction of supply chain complexity with the sourcing of a single material, excellent low and high temperature mechanical and chemical stability, a high flow dispense rate for fast deposition and no cure byproducts. All of these advantages combine to deliver an effective TIM solution for applications that require excellent thermal control and process adaptability and manufacturing environments that strive for operational efficiency.

In addition to the most recent Global Technology Award, Bergquist TGF 1500RW is also the recipient of an NPI Award, which it won in early 2018. For more information, visit

Dr. Marc Currie (right) received the Global Technology Award for the awarded TIM material on behalf of Henkel

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