Feb 7, 2019  Düsseldorf / Germany

ILSI paper on “Adhesives for Food Packaging Applications”

Understanding adhesives in food packaging

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) has published a comprehensive paper on adhesives for food packaging applications, co-authored by Henkel’s expert on product safety and regulatory affairs, Dr. Monika Tönnießen, in her role as FEICA representative. Drafted to meet the specific information needs of those working in the packaging industry, “Adhesives for Food Packaging Applications” provides valuable insights into adhesives in food packaging, their composition, and use. It further contains a summary of the relevant food contact legislation and guidance on how to evaluate an adhesive’s suitability for use in food contact applications. The paper is available free of charge here: http://ilsi.eu/task-forces/food-safety/packaging-materials

“With this paper, our aim is to provide all operators in the industry with a comprehensive, authoritative, and easy-to-understand overview of adhesives in food packaging applications. It offers them guidance in choosing the right adhesive for their specific application,” says Monika Tönnießen, Manager Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs at Henkel. The document should also help improve food safety, she explains: “It is ideal for educating downstream users and end-users, and even raw material suppliers, because a lot of them are not fully aware of what their raw materials are used for – or even that they are used in food contact applications.” Therefore, the publication of this paper reflects both FEICA’s and Henkel’s commitment to continuous improvement in health and safety.

Dr. Monika Tönnießen, Manager Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs at Henkel

Henkel provides insights into food safe packaging in its webinars available on its food safety portal: henkel.com/foodsafety

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