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Henkel at Ligna 2019: New adhesives, digital solutions and 3D printing applications

Henkel is driving innovation in the furniture industry

Groundbreaking technologies, innovative products, comprehensive services and a constant edge when it comes to latest developments: Henkel is continuously expanding its leading position as a sought-after innovation partner for adhesive systems. At the upcoming Ligna 2019 in Hanover (Germany) experts and decision-makers from the furniture industry can look forward to learning about the latest developments in adhesive technologies, smart services in the wake of Henkel’s digitalization offensive and groundbreaking projects such as new 3D printing applications.

At the biennial trade fair for woodworking and wood-processing plants, machinery and tools, Henkel will present the latest developments in its product, technology and service portfolio in hall 17, booth C21. From May 27 to 31, the focus will be on innovative products and offers that specifically cater to Industry 4.0 and 3D printing.

Premiere for the new hotmelt Technomelt PW 863

Henkel will be presenting its new Technomelt PW 863 to customers in the process industry and trade. This hotmelt is based on an in-house, state-of-the-art polymer technology. In the furniture industry, one of the best-known applications of this technology is most likely the “reacTec” process.

“We developed reacTec in close cooperation with our partners – our industrial customers both expect and appreciate innovative solutions from us,” explains Jörg Kienle, Project Manager Technical Customer Service (TCS) at Henkel.

“Thanks to our technologies, we are able to eliminate the all-too-common problems of conventional laminating processes – for instance, formaldehyde emissions when using urea resins or compromising quality when using water-soluble PVAc dispersions. Instead, we rely on thermoplastic, solvent and water-free hotmelts that are reactivated by heat. With reacTec, therefore, we can offer our quality-conscious customers a convincing solution that is effective, inexpensive and highly efficient when it comes to saving resources and energy.”

Henkel’s customers can also benefit from this unique polymer technology in the new Technomelt PW 863. The innovative product belongs to the group of polyolefin adhesives and is intended for the lamination of wood-based panels on an industrial scale. With a polymer architecture specially developed by Henkel, this adhesive stands out from other EVA-based polyolefin adhesives and hotmelts. Kienle sums up the most important product and process advantages of Technomelt PW 863: “High thermal stability up to 110°C, a hard adhesive film, low application weight and excellent melting properties. These properties and the possibility of application both on standard machines and at line speeds of over 55 m/min truly make Technomelt PW 863 a shooting star.”

Upgrading Technomelt PW 866 and expanding the portfolio of PUR adhesives

Following its market launch at the Ligna 2017, Henkel further upgraded its tried-and-tested Technomelt PW 866, a true all-rounder specially designed for profile wrapping with decorative paper, veneer or CPL. Of particular interest to customers are the improved thermal stability and excellent initial adhesion, which ensure stable production processes and first-class, finished-product quality.

Furthermore, health and safety aspects are gaining increasing importance when it comes to furniture production and the finishing of components. As a result, there is a growing demand for emission-free adhesives with a significantly lower isocyanate content. Henkel responded early with the introduction of PUR adhesives and has long been a pioneer in the further development of this segment.

The company has an extensive PUR portfolio and works continuously on developing it further. The company’s leading position on the market for Micro-Emission (ME) products and non-hazardous (also known as label-free) adhesives is based on a partnership of trust and dialog with its customers. And that is exactly what Henkel will cultivate further at the Ligna.

Digitalization offensive launched with “Henkel Adhesives eShop” and “Henkel Connect”

With a focus on Industry 4.0, Henkel will present its strategic and long-term digitalization offensive at the Ligna. In this context, the increasingly comprehensive provision of IT tools for sales is merely one among many components.

“Henkel’s top priority is the total integration of our partners along the value chain,” explains Oliver Klewe, Business Development Manager for Furniture and Building Components, and adds, “Only through digital data communication between and with each other and smart data interpretation will we be in a position to achieve maximum efficiency and process transparency. Not only do our customers benefit from this; we also strengthen our position as an innovation partner to the furniture industry.”

A major step toward digitalization is the new Henkel Adhesives eShop, an online platform available around the clock where customers can order products and receive valuable information related to their orders.

The Henkel Connect smart service project will also be introduced at the Ligna. Here, process data generated during adhesive application is transferred to a secure cloud system, where it is processed in a structured manner and made accessible for the customer. The aim of data communication is always to provide customers with high-precision process control to ensure excellent product quality. In addition, customers in the Henkel network can easily access the company’s TCS experts.  

High-performance adhesives for 3D printing applications

In the promising field of 3D printing, Henkel benefits not only from its materials and technology expertise but also from the transfer of know-how between its various business areas and their fields of application. Henkel’s extensive range of solutions, its comprehensive experience in a range of industries and its unique market access make the company the ideal partner for additive manufacturing processes as well.

For a wide range of printing applications, Henkel offers a broad portfolio of high-performance materials such as light-curing acrylates, silicones, epoxy resins and polyurethane adhesives. These sophisticated, next-generation materials are developed to optimize 3D printing applications and manufacturing processes to cater to the required functionalities and designs.

In addition, Henkel offers adhesive solutions for the post-processing of 3D-printed prototypes and components. The new all-purpose adhesive kit for 3D printing applications, for instance, supports customers in bonding prototype components such that they can be used later for the finishing of high-end parts and in furniture production. Close collaboration with other technology leaders such as HP and Origin, as well as the newly opened Innovation and Interaction Center for 3D Printing in Ireland, highlight Henkel’s commitment to further consolidating its position as one of the leading development partners for this trendsetting technology.

“With many attractive product solutions and exciting future technologies, we will further enhance our extensive industrial expertise and strengthen our position as a leading innovation partner at this year’s Ligna,” sums up Moritz Ultsch, Marketing Manager for Furniture and Building Components at Henkel.

Technomelt PW 863 is based on a unique polymer technology for laminating wood-based panels at an industrial scale.

Broad PUR Micro-Emission portfolio focuses on the growing demands on occupational health and safety.

The Loctite 3D Printer is designed for professional use, including small series production and rapid prototyping.

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