Aug 27, 2019  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel at FachPack 2019: Sustainability with Logistics Packaging

New adhesive solutions from Henkel save material for pallet securing

Making processes more efficient and sustainable – this is the aim that guides Henkel, as a leading adhesive manufacturer, in its ongoing development of new solutions. It is therefore essential for the company to keep an eye on the entire value chain. Logistics packaging is one example of this: at this year’s FachPack, Henkel will be presenting its new Technomelt Supra PS adhesives, which can replace plastic films, intermediate layers and anti-skid mats in securing pallets. These solutions are reducing not just the number but also the quantity of different materials utilized – and thereby the waste generated in logistics. At the same time, the solution also helps increase process efficiency and safety, while lowering overall costs. Henkel will be showcasing this and other adhesive solutions in Hall 1, Booth 1-108, at FachPack 2019.

Using raw materials as efficiently as possible and cutting environmental impacts as far as feasible are the primary objectives of all players in the value chain. This is why Henkel is constantly driving new solutions. The company has identified significant potential especially in the area of packaging. Large quantities of plastic film are used in the palletizing process to stabilize, secure and protect a range of products and goods. As a result, this process generates a great deal of waste. Henkel will be presenting products from its new range of adhesive solutions at FachPack 2019 that address this issue.

Extended product range for new market requirements

Henkel’s TechnomeltSupra PS product range allows palletization to be performed with no, or minimal, plastic film: a hotmelt adhesive joins the outer packages with each other in order to secure the pallets.

Reducing the amount of packaging material makes the task of securing pallets significantly more efficient and sustainable. Moreover, the glued cardboard packages can be recycled, in addition to reducing costs of plastic films and their disposal, and also eliminating the use of anti-skid matting and intermediate layers required for palletization. Safety and stability are still assured, as the pallets can be tilted through up to 45 degrees without the goods shifting. This fully automated process ensures a clean and precise adhesive application and the low cost of the materials mean that the initial investment costs required to implement the technology can be amortized within five months. Practical application tests in the run-up to installation guarantee that the necessary transportation and TÜV certification can be achieved.

“Thanks to Henkel’s dual role as a consumer goods manufacturer and adhesives supplier, we were able to test the benefits for the new adhesives solutions for palletization on our own products in the Beauty Care division,” explains Philippe Blank, Head of Packaging Innovation & Sustainability at Henkel Beauty Care. One very highly rated aspect of the application was the fact that, for example, it is possible to determine the amount of plastic film that can be saved by using the adhesives and what the resulting cost savings are. In addition to being able to establish a reasonable level of automation in the end-of-line packaging process, retailers can also enjoy benefits that help with depalletization. Moreover, the Technomelt Supra PS product range is characterized by high-quality raw materials and high thermal stability.

The right palletization solutions for many goods and application areas

Henkel offers different adhesives with different adhesive properties depending on the type and nature of the goods and products as well as the requirements of the customer. The Technomelt Supra PS product range therefore includes adhesives with low, medium and high adhesion properties.

Henkel supports the circular economy and production sustainability

“We are looking forward to the dialog with our customers and industry partners in the packaging industry at FachPack,” says Claudia Brückner, Business Development Manager at Henkel. “It will be a great opportunity for us to discuss the many advantages of our adhesive solutions with them that make a significant contribution to waste prevention. The aim with our solutions is to make a contribution towards increasing sustainability.”

Henkel’s new Technomelt Supra PS range of products not only reduces costs of plastic film and its disposal, but also eliminates the use of anti-skid matting and intermediate layers required for palletization. However, safety and stability are still assured, as the pallets can be tilted through up to 45 degrees without the goods shifting.

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