Nov 10, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Innovative and versatile formulation to step up industrial production

Henkel launches SLA 3D Printing Resin for its Open Materials Platform

Henkel extends its range of high-performance photopolymer resins for VAT polymerization technology with the addition of a new resin for Stereolithography (SLA) technology to explore and expand the opportunities for the next phase of industrial quality solutions which are scalable and reliable. Henkel has a longstanding experience in photopolymer material chemistry. The company’s line of Loctite branded photopolymer 3D printing materials is uniquely positioned to address the needs of customers in many markets.

With advancements in VAT polymerization technologies and Henkel’s portfolio of photopolymer resins, more and more industrial customers are considering 3D printing as a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing methods like injection molding and CNC machining. Among its advantages, additive manufacturing’s lower upfront cost reduces risk. Without having to pay for expensive tooling, companies can afford to green-light more ideas and produce industrial quality production parts for end use applications. Thus, Henkel is now introducing a high-performance photopolymer for industrial 3D Printing applications – Loctite 3D IND408. This is the first material of a new portfolio that aims to further invent and innovate in the SLA technology space and to provide customer specific application solutions.

Loctite 3D IND408 designed for SLA Vat printers enables the production of parts with isotropic properties and low moisture absorption. This unique formulation can be used in very fast print speeds. The printed parts have fine features and smooth and glossy surface finish making them ideal for design visualization. With a high thermal performance at temperatures greater than 100°C, the resin offers unique properties in the market. This material is ideal for producing parts quickly with high details and excellent surface finishes for applications ranging from general purpose to end-use parts. Loctite 3D IND408 is currently available in black color.

Are you interested to try out this material? Loctite 3D IND408 material will be showcased at Formnext 2021 in Frankfurt, from 16th November to 19th November at Frankfurt Messe. Experience this new material innovation in the booth of BURMS 3D Druck Jena GmbH & Co KG at Hall 12.1 A59. To learn more about this material, visit the product page.

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Henkel launches Loctite 3D IND408, a new SLA 3D Printing material for its Open Materials Platform.

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