Circular Economy:How Henkel plans to foster a circular economy across its entire value chain

Perwoll bottles - Recycling

Packaging materials like plastic have many advantages, but their omnipresence has created a new set of challenges for us. How can we promote a responsible use of plastic within a circular economy and combat the problem of plastic waste through recycling?

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Climate Action:Our path to becoming climate-positive

Solar panels and wind turbines

It’s often the everyday things: flipping a light switch, turning on a hot shower or driving the car. These actions, large and small, are creating an overwhelming CO2 footprint. How does Henkel actively contribute to climate protection?

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Innovation:Ideas that shape the market

Innovation teaser image

Researching new technologies, surveying customers about their needs and habits, tracking social trends and developing innovation and creativity as a skill can’t be voluntary – they are all required. This is how Henkel always tries to be one step ahead.

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