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Opening up our Adhesive Technologies Inspiration Center

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Frontal view of the R&D building Inspiration Center Düsseldorf


Markets are shifting. Industries are transforming. Technologies are moving forward. This is a time of incredible change, accelerated by megatrends like digitalization, globalization and sustainability. Our new Inspiration Center in Düsseldorf is now bringing together people and organizations from across industries to develop high-impact innovations for the modern world. The more than 130-million-euro investment is designed to provide an inspiring environment to co-create future-facing solutions – for today and tomorrow.

Collaborate to innovate

Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit has a 100-year history of providing pioneering solutions for almost every market and application in the world. That’s why our experts understand that there’s no innovation without collaboration. The Inspiration Center in Düsseldorf was designed to bring Henkel’s team together with our suppliers and customers, as well as partners from industry, academia and beyond. By embracing an open innovation approach, we aim to develop the solutions of the future faster than ever. In this spirit, the new building gathers all of our technical experts in Düsseldorf under one roof – with lots of space for external collaborators to work side-by-side with our team. In addition, the Inspiration Center offers a Customer Experience Journey where customers can engage with our experts and gain insights into Henkel’s ability to provide innovative solutions for the key challenges they face.

Atrium of the Adhesive Technologies Inspiration Center

The light-flooded atrium at the heart of the building offers capacity to host events with universities, startups, research institutes, suppliers and more.

Open space in the Adhesive Technologies Inspiration Center

The Inspiration Center is designed to unlock creative ideas and promote open discussions about the latest trends and technologies.

Visitors to the Inspiration Center can experience our broad technology portfolio by taking a digital, physical and hands-on journey through the building. They can also join us in our specially designed Heavy Labs, where co-creators are invited to innovate alongside us and develop real solutions to their biggest challenges. These double-height rooms make it possible to set up pilot production lines, application tests and workshops. Project rooms and dialog areas invite free-thinking discussions, while the Inspiration Center also features impressive open spaces where we plan to host networking events with universities, startups, research institutes, suppliers and more.


Driving digital development

Data-driven technologies are transforming R&D – and our Inspiration Center is a powerful demonstration of this trend in action. The team in the new facility uses advanced digital tools and processes to improve knowledge sharing, increase efficiency and promote open dialog. This includes Albert, our cloud-based tool for leaner, faster and more collaborative innovation. In addition, the center is home to an advanced, data-driven laboratory that automatically prepares, tests and screens new formulations 24-hours a day. This accelerates the product development cycle and shortens time-to-market for new products, turning data into valuable insights that drive visionary new technologies.


An engaging environment for exploration

Inspired and empowered people are the key to developing groundbreaking technologies. That’s why employees from our innovation teams co-designed the new facility to ensure a truly best-in-class working environment. The labs are arranged in a modular setup that can be adapted to support key tasks for R&D and promote cross-team interaction. This flexible workspace allows our people to respond to changing market and technical needs, while enabling us to seize opportunities for future growth quickly and easily. The Inspiration Center also features rest areas and breakout spaces, and low-sweat fitness rooms will soon be added to help our people maintain an active body and mind. Furthermore, it is the most sustainable building at our Düsseldorf site, with a resource-efficient design that includes a rainwater collection system and a highly efficient refrigeration process, and that also meets the highest standards for building insulation.

State-of-the-art laboratories in the Adhesive Technologies Inspiration Center

State-of-the-art laboratories and testing areas use the latest digital technologies to promote truly world-leading R&D.

Automated labs in the Adhesive Technologies Inspiration Center

One of the best ways to speed up the innovation process is by utilizing available technologies and automating different steps along the way. The automated lab uses machines to do the simple testing, which frees up researchers’ time to focus on solving challenges for our customers.

Giving customers an intimate and interactive experience

At its heart, our new Inspiration Center is about bringing our customers and our experts together. Its flexible design means we can adapt every visit to create maximum value for each unique customer or partner’s needs. It showcases Henkel’s broad portfolio of existing technologies and our spirit of innovation, and offers a hands-on and emotional experience that strengthens customer intimacy. In this way, the center supports our constant efforts to build trust-based relationships as the foundation for long-lasting and successful collaboration. Together with our partners, we can then seek ways of creating real business value, boosting efficiency and sustainability, and tapping into future growth opportunities.

Michael Todd, Vice President Innovation & New Business Development for Adhesive Technologies


This building reflects our vision of the future at Adhesive Technologies. It is an inspirational place to collaborate, innovate and find groundbreaking solutions to key challenges.


Our journey into the future

The Inspiration Center in Düsseldorf is the latest step in our deep commitment to developing technologies for today and tomorrow – as a truly customer-centric and knowledgeable partner. It is designed to combine our passion for advanced science with our strong focus on sustainability and digitalization, and is the first in a network of innovation and customer centers that we are now building around the globe. In Shanghai, for example, another Inspiration Center for our Adhesive Technologies business is expected to open in 2023, where more than 400 Henkel experts will interact with partners from across industries in the Asia-Pacific region. By creating central hubs to collaborate with representatives from every stage in our value chain, we are exploring the path to a future where anything is possible. And we are excited about where our shared journey will take us.

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