Mar 16, 2021

#AViewFrom Henkel North America series

#AViewFrom Henkel North America: Bridgewater, NJ

Did you know that Henkel North America employs approximately 9,000 employees at nearly 70 sites across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico? Collectively, these sites manage three business units: Adhesives Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care.

Our #AViewFrom series will feature select locations, sharing information and facts about our sites across Henkel North America.

#AViewFrom Bridgewater, NJ

Henkel employees in Bridgewater, NJ not only develop sustainable adhesive products, but the building also utilizes sustainable energy. Some of the facility’s power comes from on-site solar panels.

Supporting Henkel’s Packaging, Consumer Goods and Lifestyle businesses, the team at this site develops some of the world’s most innovative adhesive solutions with an eye on enabling production automation, sustainability, ease-of-use, consumer comfort and convenience.

#AViewFrom Bridgewater, NJ

Innovative adhesives from Henkel’s Packaging, Consumer Goods and Lifestyles businesses are used everywhere in our daily lives.

Part of the Henkel footprint since the 2008 acquisition of National Starch and Chemical Company, Bridgewater is a key global R&D innovation center and a model for safety culture. With more than 240 employees recently surpassing 6 million hours free from a lost-time injury, the team’s emphasis on safety has also enabled a seamless transition to COVID protocol compliance.

Head of Innovation for Consumer Goods, Mike Harwell, says adhesives are the products, but Bridgewater people are the glue. “We are an exceptionally close-knit, culturally diverse team with broad talents and perspectives – ranging from intuitive marketing professionals to Ph.D. scientists and from millennials to 20-year company veterans. The camaraderie extends from our applications labs to the employee-initiated activities that support professional development and networking.”

#AViewFrom Bridgewater, NJ

The Bridgewater team serves multiple industries through on-site testing and application centers that are equipped with digital and remote capabilities supporting collaboration between adhesive experts and customers.


Community service is integral to the Bridgewater experience – and employees have continued the effort, despite not being on-site altogether due to COVID-19. Initiatives include sustainability education outreach programs, environmental activities and other charitable fundraisers. Human Resources Director Lisa Venis shares: “These efforts build relationships between Henkel and the local community, but also between Henkel staff that might not otherwise have the opportunity to connect.”