Forscherwelt / Researchers’ World

Societies need people fluent in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
Forscherwelt is Henkel’s contribution to scientific literacy.

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Forscherwelt is Henkel's global competence center for science education.

Forscherwelt Around the World

In 2011, the Forscherwelt kids’ lab was opened at Henkel's Headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since then, the education initiative has become global. There are "Forscherwelt projects" in South and Nord America, Europe, Afrika and Asia.

There are different types of Forscherwelt program portfolios. The distinguishing factors are dependent on whether the program is hosted at a fixed-location laboratory or within the "Forscherwelt To-Go" model, in which classes take place at selected sites and/or schools. In Dubai, Istanbul and Stamford, Henkel has established a regular program on premises of local educational institutions. In addition to that many countries offer digital programs as well.

Infographic: Forscherwelt