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#Innovation Impact Program

For those who enable future-focused trends.

Adhesive Technologies is the market leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. By providing these solutions across many different industries, Adhesive Technologies is shaping the world of tomorrow, and you can too – by crafting your career at Henkel. 

Do you want to make a positive impact on the future and society, find fulfillment within your career, and work in an encouraging environment? Then Henkel is the right place for you! We create long lasting value for our customers and consumers by focusing our research on sustainable topics that make a difference. 

Join our innovation team located in our Inspiration Center Düsseldorf, Germany, where your journey starts: Rotations between different business divisions and various technologies will provide you with a steep learning curve. 

Learn about our Adhesive Technologies #Innovation Impact Program now and help to enable future-focused trends. 

Application closed. Stay tuned for Q2 2023 and follow us on LinkedIn.


Adhesive Technologies enables the future

Your benefits within the program 

The new R&D facility Düsseldorf, Germany

The program will be based mainly at our new R&D facility in Düsseldorf, Germany

In the Inspiration Center Düsseldorf, you will meet colleagues from all over the world under one roof who collaborate across teams and also technologies.

This state-of-the-art building that not only features top of the line labs but also a variety of other remarkable areas, is changing the way we work, collaborate, and innovate into the future. The inspiring work environment provides you with all the resources you need for your everyday work life. Depending on the scope of your projects there might also be the option to go on extended business trips to work with our innovation teams also on other sites around the globe.

How does it work?

The Adhesive Technologies #Innovation Impact program is an 18-month long rotational program.
Within the program you will experience various stations within different business areas, markets, and for various customers, depending on which of the two different career paths you choose when applying.

Our buddy and mentoring systems as well as our career planning ensure your successful start at Adhesive Technologies and the chance to work towards your personal and professional goals.


Choose your career path

  • Product Development

  • Application Engineering

Be part of the cutting edge product development team and drive innovations with your knowledge and passion – from prototype design to market launch.   

As a Product Developer you are responsible to develop adhesives, sealants and coatings for our various markets and customer needs. In your work, you are supported by ALBERT, our new digital data platform, who helps speeding up your development time. Along with the product development, you are also asked to create new approaches, solutions and processes needed for the new product in an agreed upon time frame. The projects you are assigned to can be either focusing on just one or multiple technologies. They could also be related to a sustainability topic or innovation trends.

Ensure that our entire range of adhesives, sealings, and functional coating solutions are used in the best way possible to meet the expectations of our customers and market applications and deliver even beyond that. 

As an Application Engineer, you are supporting existing and new businesses with your technical knowledge. You make sure that customers get the right products according to application and product needs. The support extends from the prototype phase until the start of production at the customer’s site, including the application process aspects. Furthermore, you handle and solve technical challenges and difficulties with your specialist knowledge. Your technical expertise helps to introduce new products and technologies. The projects you are assigned to can either focus on just one or multiple technologies. They could also be related to a sustainability topic or innovation trends. 

Who can apply

For the programm we are looking for recent graduates with a PhD or Master

Data-driven innovation/engineering and trying out new ways of working such as agile working, sounds appealing to you. Having experience or a big interest in future trends like data science, manufacturing 4.0 & automation, COreduction, data enabled services, miniaturization or similar innovation focused topics would be of an advantage.

Who we are looking for

How to become part of the program in 4 steps

What your future colleagues say


Choose the path you would like to follow. Apply now!

Application closed. Stay tuned for Q2 2023 and follow us on LinkedIn.

Together, we enable future-focused trends.


  • Will Henkel pay for relocation?

  • Will there be support on visa and work permit affairs?

  • When does the application period start?

  • How will the onboarding work?

  • Will I get a specific project assigned to me?

  • What happens after each rotation?

  • What are the compensations & benefits associated with this program?

  • What happens after the program?

  • What kind of training is Henkel offering and are there dedicated trainings for trainees?

Henkel will pay for your one way trip to Düsseldorf and provide you with a furnished flat for the first month. After getting acquainted with your new colleagues you will be able to find an accommodation that fits your needs.

Yes, Henkel works with an agency that will support you with these matters.

Applications can be handed in via our career page starting the 1st of July, 2021.

On your first day you will get to know all participants of the #Innovation Impact Program and also your people manager (if not before). We will support you with the technical onboarding and give you an introduction to the Henkel world. During the first week, you will already enter your first station but will be reguarly supported by check ins and meetings within the group.

Each Trainee will have the chance to work on projects and will be responsible for driving the project together with a team. The topic of the project will be assigned by your rotational manager and people manager.

After each rotation, we plan to have a presentation to senior level management on your tasks and project successes. This ensures that you can present your research findings, expand your network which will help you find a vacancy after your trainee program.

Henkel provides market competitive compensation & benefits. Additionally, you will receive all benefits available for our colleagues at the Henkel headquarters. 

During the program you will be visible to higher management and will get to know many different technologies and departments. Following the program, you will have the chance to transition into a permanent role, either in Germany or abroad.

We plan to incorporate dedicated learning time into your rotation plan, where you can pick a training from our huge selection of e-courses, related to your specifications. We offer training in special Henkel topics, people skills, business skills, leadership, IT topics and tools as well as all business units and functions. After your deployment, there will be further training available according to your career plan.