Isabel CHAiNGERS Trainee Düsseldorf, Germany

What do you like most about your job and your team?

I loved the Lean Six Sigma project because I enjoy process optimization a lot. I loved the trust I was given from the beginning on which gave me the freedom of handling things the way I intended to while I always had a mentor who I could consult and who would support me when needed. This boosted my development.
What I also love is that I get to really make an impact – I can effect change here although I am new to the company. My opinion is valued here.
My team is awesome, and I feel very lucky to have such a supportive group of young people who I get to regularly meet and exchange with. From my point of view, the CHAiNGERS program benefits greatly from the diversity of the team. As we are spread across Europe, we have a diverse team of six nationalities represented. This broadens my mind as I frequently receive new perspectives and thus, new impulses.

Could you tell us a little more about your different rotations?

I spent my first 12 months in operations, so basically in production and production-related departments. Half a year I had to just focus on my project and getting to know operations. In this time, I got onboarded, I took the Lean Six Sigma trainings, and I started with my project work. Also, I did small rotations of less than a week getting to know the production planning, the planning of raw and packaging materials or production controlling for example. After six months I started my two-months rotations in the departments of SHE, Sustainability, and Quality. Now, I am spending my last half year of the program in the completely different field of third-party manufacturing. Here I am doing my cross functional project on a supplier-management related topic.

It is part of the program to take over a Lean Six Sigma project. What do you get to experience during this time?

As I was new to Henkel and the production department and as I had never led a project before it felt a bit overwhelming in the beginning. On the other hand, I loved the challenge and the responsibility that came with the project. I experienced great support and learned to deal with challenges. Together with my team members and my mentor we went through ups and downs and in the end, I managed to even over-achieve the project goals. It was a great experience, and the learnings were huge for me personally. The project also demonstrated to me the trust I was given and the impact I already have. The cherry on top was the six-sigma green belt certification that came with my success in the project. The approach and the tools I learned in the training, I am now applying in my next project and will apply in future projects as well.

Before becoming a CHAiNGERS Operations & Supply Chain Trainee, what did you do?

Before joining Henkel and the CHAiNGERS program, I studied engineering management in Aachen to graduate with a master’s degree. The technical understanding I obtained in my studies came in helpful at times here. For a short period of three months, I then started a trainee program at a big logistics company. When I got the offer from Henkel to join the CHAiNGERS program, I gladly took the offer and switched companies. One reason why I opted for this position at Henkel was the opportunity to work at a manufacturing company and to experience the entire value chain – important aspects for me. Now, having worked at Henkel for more than a year, I am truly so glad I joined Henkel last year and I learned that there is so much more to Henkel and the CHAiNGERS program. I am a big fan of Henkel’s culture and am happy and proud to be part of the trainee program.