Luca, CHAiNGERS Trainee Környe, Hungary

What do you think is the coolest part of the program?

The coolest part beside sees all the details of a plant working life is the training weeks abroad. Every training week is held in person across Europe. In addition, to the super interesting and well-organized trainings the personal contact strengths the collaboration within the CHAiNGERS team. Furthermore, we have the chance to visit different plants and get to know their production.

Could you tell us a little more about your different rotations?

My rotation included 3 areas – Quality, Controlling and Maintenance. I have spent 2 months in every field, learnt more about the quality measurements method, critical parameters, monthly controlling report, cost statement and I started to work on independent, investment projects. It’s a great opportunity to see and learn in a short time but detailed, what are the main tasks of each department, how they are connected to each other and what their trades-offs are.

Do you have any tips for others considering applying at Henkel?

Do it! It’s a nice combination of learning & doing. A bridge between university studies and real, professional work-life.
A unique opportunity to get an insight without filter, how a big, production company is dealing its daily operative and strategic challenges. You can get to know the structure of a production company, expand your production knowledge with first-hand information from specialists with years of experience. You can also take part in high-quality trainings that will accompany you in your later career (lean-six sigma, leadership skills).

Do you have any take-aways from the program so far?

It taught me to think comprehensively, to see a challenge and its effect through the eyes of all participants. This is a perfect opportunity to devote time to learning and gain deep knowledge and get to know the departments as you would only be able to do with many years of work. Doors will open if you are proactive and individual, and then it's up to you which one you enter.