Meike, CHAiNGERS Trainee Düsseldorf, Germany

What attracted you to CHAiNGERS Operations & Supply Chain Trainee Program?

The CHAiNGERS Operations & Supply Chain Trainee Program attracted me for several reasons. Firstly, the focus on adhesives manufacturing allows for hands-on learning, which matches my interest in manufacturing. The diversity of the program is an excellent opportunity to understand different operations, as it provides insight into the entire supply chain. Furthermore, as an international program, it offers a promising career path with diverse prospects. Henkel's reputation as a great place to work, focusing on Innovation and Sustainability, made me want to join even more. Joining the program is an exciting opportunity to contribute to Henkel's success and grow as a professional in a dynamic and forward-looking environment.

What do you like most about your job and your team?

I love my job because it keeps me constantly engaged - every day is different from the last, and there's never a dull moment. Working with diverse stakeholders has not only expanded my professional expertise but also allowed me to grow socially. It's incredibly rewarding to collaborate with people who genuinely appreciate and value my work, making me feel fulfilled for the contributions I make. During my time in production, I was part of a warm and knowledgeable team, and together, we created wonderful new opportunities that made the experience truly fulfilling.

What do you appreciate the most about being part of the CHAiNGERS Trainee Program?

Participating in the CHAiNGERS Trainee Program has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The program provides numerous opportunities to learn and grow in a short period of time thanks to the close mentoring. The direct feedback I receive allows me to identify areas for improvement and gives me the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. One aspect I really appreciate is the level of responsibility I am given to handle projects independently. This not only builds my confidence, but also allows me to gain valuable hands-on experience and make a meaningful contribution to the team and the organization.

It seems like the group of trainees are close – how is it being part of that CHAiNGERS crew?

Being part of the CHAiNGERS crew has been an incredibly enriching experience! Our group is exceptionally diverse, not only in terms of our backgrounds and skills, but also in terms of our cultural backgrounds. From the beginning, we have fostered a culture of respect and appreciation for our differences, which has led to several learning opportunities. Spending the onboarding week and four weeks of training together and overcoming challenges as a team created strong bonds and turned a group of colleagues into true friends. I must admit that I didn't expect such a supportive atmosphere, where everyone really helps and encourages each other to grow. It has been a pleasant surprise and I feel privileged to be part of this remarkable team.