Lucia Monzio, CHAiNGERS Trainee Zingonia, Italy

What attracted you to CHAiNGERS Operations & Supply Chain Trainee Program?

I was attracted by the possibility to work in different functions, in a specific environment completely new for me as the production plant. I loved the opportunity to create an international network of young colleagues from all around the world, with different backgrounds. I loved the possibility to be involved in strategical and international projects.

Do you have any tips for others considering applying at Henkel?

Be prepared to a challenging environment, strive for making an impact and for bringing new ideas. Catch the opportunity to be part of workshops and management team meetings. Take advantage of high-level visibility acquired and international network built.

What do you appreciate the most about being part of the CHAiNGERS Trainee Program?

The number of opportunities and challenges proposed, but also the interest and support for giving us the best growing path possible. The time spent with CHAiNGERS colleagues abroad was valuable and enriching, as well as the opportunity to visit outstanding suppliers and customers, such as SAP and Porsche. I appreciate the feedbacks received by mentors and managers on performances to highlight improvement areas on which focus.

Before becoming a CHAiNGERS Operations & Supply Chain Trainee, what did you do?

After the Master’s degree in Management Engineering and the internship as consultant in Accenture, I spent one year and a half as production planner in Haier Europe for planning production of Chinese suppliers and Dishwasher factory in Turkey.