Martí Ciurana, CHAiNGERS Trainee Montornes, Spain

What attracted you to CHAiNGERS Operations & Supply Chain Trainee Program?

From the moment I first learned about the trainee program, I was captivated by the opportunities it offered. The chance to work with a talented global team and explore different divisions of the Adhesive business was enticing. I saw the program as the ideal first step for my career, a way to grow personally and professionally while making an impact within Henkel.

Do you have any tips for others considering applying at Henkel?

Be confident. Prepare for the interviews and learn about the company. Show an attitude of proactivity and that you are eager to learn.

What do you appreciate the most about being part of the CHAiNGERS Trainee Program?

Beyond the learning experience and knowing that the company is investing in us for the long term, I deeply appreciate the guidance from my mentor and other experienced colleagues. Their support is helping me unlock my potential. It feels like everyone is here for you.

It seems like the group of trainees are close – how is it being part of that CHAiNGERS crew?  

Yes, we are close. Last weekend we went to Belgium, and we are planning to go to London. We work together, exchange thoughts, support each other and everyone strives to make an environment of trust and fun. This bond among the trainees has made my journey in the program more enriching and enjoyable.