Marina Miera

What do you think is the coolest part of the program?

Being able to work in different departments with diverse teams and tasks, is the best part of the program for me. All different roles I have experienced have offered me an incredible growth both on a professional and a personal level, firstly by giving me a wider vision of the company, but also because trying different positions have allowed me to know myself much more in depth, understanding what I like the most, what I feel most comfortable doing and what skills should I continue improving.

Could you tell us a little more about your different rotations?

I started four years ago in the marketing department, in laundry detergents brands Wipp Express & Perlan, where I could learn how the decision-making process was made when developing a marketing strategy, from the first initial consumer and market analysis to the final decisions about product launch and media campaigns.

After two years working in marketing, I was curious to learn more about other departments, especially sales, because although I liked my job in marketing, I thought that a rotation could give me a different approach and a broader vision of the business. So, I openly talked about my interests to my responsible and I was offered with the opportunity to start a new position in sales working in hypermarkets channel. In this role I could learn how each client was managed, which role each one had and how relationships were built with them. Another point I highly value from this role is the opportunity it has given me to work in parallel with several teams and clients, allowing me to get a greater knowledge from different ways of working and to develop my interpersonal skills.

Currently, I continue working in the sales department as a responsible of a client. This new position represents an opportunity to further develop my commercial skills and learn how to create a client strategy with clear objectives.

Do you have any tips for others considering applying at Henkel?

My advice would be to stay always curious, to not be afraid to show initiative and the desire to continue learning and growing, and to be always open to changes because all of them bring positive learnings.

Do you have any take-aways from the program so far

For me, the past five years in Henkel have been of an enormous growth. In professional terms, working in different roles has allowed me to understand the business from different perspectives and given me the opportunity to have a much wider vision of the business, while at a personal level, one of the things that I appreciate the most are all the colleagues I have shared projects with, which were always open to collaborate and to give me the best to learn from them.