Go Digital with Henkel!

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One of our success factors is that we at Henkel aim for valuable partnerships with our suppliers. To strengthen our relationships, we invite both our existing as well as new suppliers to our digitalization journey: Henkel@SAP ARIBA

Upon completion of the SAP Ariba account connection and the enablement process, our suppliers will be able to

  • Process and receive purchase orders through the platform based on the predefined buying channel 
  • Attend online sourcing events (RFx) 
  • Use quicker workflows with less administrative tasks

The implementation of Ariba Network enables the transformation of our procedures to simplified and digitalized supply chain activities. The electronic purchase orders and transactions allow more efficient processes while reducing costs and supporting sustainability. Thus, this intelligent procurement leads to an improved collaboration, being a standard part of doing business with Henkel around the globe.

How to connect your SAP Ariba account to Henkel?

The following guidelines provide relevant instructions for registration and account configuration. For more information check the useful documents section.

Contact for Support

In case you encounter any issues when accessing any of the SAP Ariba applications, please check if you are using one of the recommended and supported browsers by SAP Ariba:

  • Google Chrome (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Edge (32-bit)
  • Mozilla Firefox (64-bit)
  • Apple Safari (64-bit)

Please note: As of December 31, 2021, SAP Ariba will no longer support the use of any of the versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.