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Feb 8, 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel Beauty Care celebrates 120 years of Schwarzkopf

120 years of Schwarzkopf

120 years ago, the chemist Hans Schwarzkopf laid the foundation for a brand that stands for quality, reliability, competency and innovation. Empowering people to present the best version of themselves, Schwarzkopf has promoted individuality and confidence for 120 years through pioneering in hair and hair cosmetics. Schwarzkopf’s mission is to support new and diverse expressions of beauty and self with style as a reflection – of moods, moments and celebrations – rather than rigid rules.

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Schwarzkopf: Highlights from 120 years of successful innovations

120 years have passed since chemist Hans Schwarzkopf ran a small drugstore in Berlin, laying the foundations for one of the most famous hair cosmetics brands in the world. Today, Schwarzkopf – one of Henkel's strongest umbrella brands – includes products from coloration, hair care and styling, and thanks to its growth, is one of the world's leading market players. Besides its retail brands, its portfolioalso includes professional hairdressing brands (Schwarzkopf Professional). Always on the cutting edge, Schwarzkopf has never stopped revolutionizing the market with its innovations and technological breakthroughs.

Chemist Hans Schwarzkopf lays the cornerstone for one of the most important hair cosmetics companies in the world with his drugstore "Farben-, Drogen- und Parfümeriehandlung" in Berlin.

His first development, water-soluble powder shampoo "Shampoon mit dem Schwarzen Kopf," gains quickly in popularity.

Hans Schwarzkopf launches his latest innovation: the first liquid shampoo.

Onalkali, the world's first alkali-free shampoo, follows. Onalkali is now considered the prototype of all modern shampoos.

Schwarzkopfs cold perm Onaltherma revolutionizes the market. lt Iets women lastingly perm their hair without needing to heat it to 212° F.

Schwarzkopf introduces the first cream shampoo in a tube – a product innovation that establishes the mass market for shampoo in Germany. The brand name "Schauma Creme-Schaumpon" becomes another ward for shampoo.

Taft, "the liquid hairnet," becomes one of the most famous articles of the Eco­ nomic Miracle, with "taften" now a common way to say, "using hairspray."

lgora Royal, Schwarzkopf Professional 's top coloration, is launched to the market. lt grows to become one of the world's most important brands in the hairdressing sector.

The "Schwarzkopf method" is introduced. The first systematic concept for getting a perm is built on consultation, technology and manufacturer to respond training.

The color foam lgora Toning hits salons across Europe, simplifying colaring for hair­ dressers.

Schwarzkopf is the first international cosmetics manufacturer to respond to social issues like environmental protection, completely converting Drei Wetter Taft to CFC-free propellants.

Henkel acquires Schwarzkopf, becoming one of the leading European companies in the field of hair cosmetics.

The company's hundredth anniversary brings another ground-breaking innova­tion: Re-Nature is the first self-pigmenting hair dye for gray hair whose formula reacts with the oxygen in the air to bring back hair's natural color.

Schwarzkopf Professional opens its flagship Schwarzkopf Academy in Tokyo.

Schwarzkopfs systematic innovation process accelerates the market introduction of successful innovations like its hairline concealing pencil.

Armin Morbach develops Schwarzkopf Looks. The hair expert translates current trends into wearable hair styles full of glamor and modernity. The following years will see Looks photographed by international stars like Patrick Demarchelier.

Taft celebrates its 60th anniversary. Active in 46 countries, the brand is one of the largest providers of styling products, with 70 products on the German market.

Schwarzkopf launches the charity initiative Schwarzkopf Million Chances. The mission: for Schwarzkopf, together with local and international aid organizations, to imple­ment projects that help girls and women around the world build successful professional and personal futures.

Schwarzkopf brings the color care hype from the salon to home with its coloration and care line ColorExpert. The 3-step system with OMEGA­PLEX® technology protects the micro-bonds in hair during the colaring process, ensuring both luminous color results and deeply nurtured hair.

The hair cosmetics brand Schwarzkopf celebrates its 120th anniversary and thus 120 years of passionate commitment to the most na­tural and human expression of personality, taste, fashion and zeitgeist. For our hair. At the same time, Schwarzkopf begins a new chapter in the company's history and supports a new definition of be­auty – beyond mass ideals, perfection and unachievable role models. Style becomes a mirrar of moods, moments, and events. An explosion of individual expression forms – an endless cosmos of everyday inspirations.

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When Hans Schwarzkopf opened his paint, drug and perfume shop in Berlin in 1898, he laid the foundation for one of the most influential hair cosmetics companies in the world.

Schwarzkopf is celebrating its 120th anniversary and redefines beauty with the new campaign #createyourstyle.

Global trend ambassador, Armin Morbach, has reinterpreted some of F.C. Gundlach’s most inspired images in celebration of the 120th anniversary.

Global trend ambassador, Armin Morbach, has reinterpreted some of F.C. Gundlach’s most inspired images in celebration of the 120th anniversary.


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