Wellbeing Benefits

Did you know?

Our attractive Wellbeing Benefits will make your professional and private life healthier, safer and easier in the long term.

We continuously adapt our "Social Benefits Premium" supplementary package to the needs of our employees, for example with the Preventive Medical Check-Up Insurance "MEGA@Henkel," which allows you to benefit from important preventive examinations as a private patient right from the start. We also support you in emergency situations. Every year, thousands of employees in Germany take advantage of our extensive range of financial provision, preventive offers and tools.

  • Company Pension Scheme plus additional savings opportunity
  • Health & Social Services
  • Employee Share Plan (ESP)
  • Company Occupational Disability Insurance with strong conditions 
  • Preventive Medical Check-Up Insurance
  • CareFlex Supplementary Care Insurance
  • My Henkel bike to lease
  • Accident Insurance

We support your retirement provisions, and you benefit from our attractive additional saving offer.


The health of our employees is very important to us.


We offer every employee the opportunity to participate in our success.


We also make you an attractive offer in the event of occupational disability.


We'll make sure you get and stay fit!


You are also protected in the event of long-term care.


No traffic jams, no annoying search for a parking space, zero emissions - but exercise and fresh air.


Henkel protects you around the clock, worldwide - with an accident insurance for our employees.

Two-thirds of all accidents happen during leisure time. But this is precisely where there is no statutory accident protection - the statutory accident insurance only offers you protection in the event of accidents that occur during work or on the direct way to work. 

That's why Henkel provides you with a private accident insurance that covers you worldwide in all areas of life, whether in the home, on the road, at work, during sports or on vacation. And best of all, Henkel pays all the premiums for you.